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EFG Private Bank Limited is part of EFG International, a top 10 Swiss private banking group headquartered in Zurich. EFG International operates in over 40 locations worldwide, and its shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

EFG Private Bank is based in Mayfair, London, with a branch in Jersey and a wholly owned subsidiary in Guernsey. Our services, catered towards the domestic and international High Net Worth market, cover banking and credit, financial planning, investment management and offshore trusts. EFG’s specialism is generally looking after high net worth clients with a diverse set of banking, investment and lending needs with assets of £2million and above.


What sets us apart from our peers?

As a pure play Private Bank, long- standing, excellent client relationships are at the very heart of the service we provide. Our private bankers, known as Client Relationship Officers, are here to support our clients in all wealth-related matters through every stage of life – in a professional, personal and family context. This is one of the hallmarks of EFG and our approach to private banking.

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